The 11 Best Signs From The Supreme Court Protest For Birth Control

by Alexandra Svokos

Last summer, the Supreme Court announced its decision to keep the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) in place a half an hour before I sat in my gynecologist's office for my annual check-in.

While refilling the prescription, my doctor asked how much I pay for birth control, and I told her I pay nothing. We smiled giddily at each other, the Obamacare news still fresh, and she said,

Good. That's how it should be.

Unlike, say, Viagra, which literally has no purpose other than to facilitate sex, contraceptives actually allow women to carry on with their daily lives, whether that's by taking away crippling cramps, saving yet another set of sheets from getting stained or, of course, preventing unwanted pregnancies. There's a reason it has "control" in the name.

But now, once again, religious organizations are threatening women's access to birth control under Obamacare.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments for the Zubik v. Burwell case. Back in 2014, the Supreme Court decided in the Hobby Lobby case companies owned by religious people do not have to cover birth control for employees in their insurance plans.

As a compromise, religious business owners can fill out a one-page form to tell the government they are religious, and then the government (not the business) will cover birth control for employees.

But this wasn't enough for some religious organizations, who claim the government is stepping on their religious freedom by covering birth control. The Supreme Court will announce its decision on this case in June.

While the case was being heard on Wednesday, people demonstrated outside in support of birth control and #HandsOffMyBC trended on Twitter. Here are some of the best signs from the protest.