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These are the 10 best snapchat games available right now.

These 20 Snapchat Games Include Fun Obstacle Courses And Virtual Coloring Pages

Watch your Bitmoji crush the competition.

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When you can’t spend time with your friends IRL, Snapchat comes in to help keep you connected. Everyone knows that sending Snaps or talking in a chat on the app are fun ways to bond, but there’s also so much more you can do on the app that you might not take advantage of. Take Snapchat games, for example: Since the introduction of Snappables in 2018, Snapchat has continually added new ways to challenge your friends right in the app. The best Snapchat games you can play will keep you and your friends competing for hours.

Snapchat first introduced virtual reality (VR) games called Snappables in April 2018, but those games rotate and change constantly, so there's no telling which ones will appear. Thankfully, there’s a place where you can always find games to help you pass the time. The official Snapchat games are in the Chat section of the app, and it’s filled with plenty of options.

To access the games, you can go to a one-on-one or a group message window, and you can find Snap games when you tap the rocket icon at the right side of the chatbox. There are so many different kinds of games to choose from, like relaxing coloring pages and more competitive time-management games. Some of the games offer a leaderboard feature, where you can compare your score to your friends and keep challenging each other for the top-ranking spot, while others are cooperative games for more chill game sessions.

1. Aquapark: Multiplayer Edition

In this waterpark-themed game, the goal is to race other players down a giant waterslide. You control your floatie with your finger and drag it to either side of the screen to move your Bitmoji as you pass by obstacles or bump other people off the slide. Be careful not to oversteer, though, because if you fly off the slide and land outside of bounds, you’re out of the game.


2. Bitmoji Tennis

Even if you don't like sports games, Bitmoji Tennis is still tons of fun. It's challenging enough to hold your attention and it's oddly satisfying to play. Moving your character with your finger takes a bit of coordination, and you'll need to get the hang of the targeted aim while tilting your phone. Once you become familiar with it, you’ll rock the court.

3. Zombie Rescue Squad

This Snapchat zombie game is so apocalyptic. In-game, you work with a team of people to defend a zombie-infested landscape and yourself. There are power-up items and healing potions throughout to help keep you in the game. When the timer is over, make sure you get back to the chopper in time. To add a friend in this game, tap the friend icon next to the chat and select "Ring."

4. Animal Restaurant

This eatery is run by adorable cats, and the customers include dogs, bunnies, birds, badgers, skunks, and more. There are several rooms in the restaurant, and you unlock different ones — a garden, a courtyard, a fish pond, a buffet, and a to-go area — as you progress through the game. Every time you play, you earn cod (the in-game currency) and have the ability to upgrade your restaurant and meet more customers. You can see where you rank against your friends’ restaurants on the leaderboard.

5. Color Together

This Snapchat game includes relaxing background music and virtual coloring sheets for you to fill in by number. You can zoom in and out with your fingers as you go to fill in the right spots. When you first start, you won’t have access to most of the pictures, but as you earn points, you unlock new pictures to color in. You can also share your finished product when you’re done.


6. HexFrvr

In HexFrvr, you match hexagons together to score points. There are a bunch of different shapes, so you need to be strategic about where to place each group of hexagons inside the beehive-like structure. The goal of the game is to keep matching shapes together without running out of moves. Once you run out of space to fill, the game is over.

7. Crazy Run

In Crazy Run, you race through a challenging obstacle course against your friends. Challenges include avoiding hot steam, climbing over walls, dodging giant sausages, and swinging across bars. To move, drag your finger across or tap the screen, and the game gives you prompts for how to continue through each challenge. As you play, you'll see other players’ Bitmojis struggling through the course, so it’s perfect for challenging friends.

8. Find My Friends

This game offers a leaderboard to keep you updated as you compete for the top spot. Reminiscent of Where's Waldo, Find My Friends is an interactive search game, but you need to scout out the right Bitmoji, down to the pose and the face. Sometimes it's super easy to find the Bitmoji, but other times the Bitmojis can be obstructed, making it a little more difficult.


9. Slide The Shakes

Slide The Shakes might become your go-to game as you get the hang of it. When you start, you see your friend's Bitmoji sitting at the end of a diner. The object of the game is to slide the milkshake down to your friend so it stops within the green portion of the tabletop. As you play, tap the shake to see how much you need to help the shake slide. You can keep going as long as you don't overshoot a shake off the table.

10. Ludo Club

Ludo Club is so similar to the board game Sorry! In Snapchat’s version, you can play with a random player online, or you can invite your Snapchat friends to play with you. The aim of the game is to get your pawns out of their square and into the home space. Of course, it isn’t as easy as it sounds because a player can off your pawn when they land on the same space it occupies. This game also has a leaderboard so you can keep an eye on your friends’ progress.

11. Bumped Out

Get ready for virtual bumper cars because Zynga’s Bumped Out on Snapchat delivers. You control your car with your finger using a little direction pad on the screen. It’s harder than it looks, but once you get a feel for it, staying on the island isn’t too bad — it’s your friends you need to look out for.

12. Pizza Cat

Pizza Cat is a skills game that lets you compare your high scores to your friends on Snapchat. The main point of the game is to feed a virtual kitty entire cheese pizzas. Each level gets a bit more challenging as obstacles and golden coins are thrown your way. Collecting the coins gets you extra points, but if you miss the cat’s mouth and hit an obstacle, the game’s over. While your instinct might be to rush, if you press and hold your pizza before you release it, you’ll see where it’s going to (hopefully) land.

13. Battleship

Snapchat’s Battleship is a virtual take on the classic tabletop game. You can challenge your friend head-to-head or choose to instantly go against a random online player. The rules are the same as the OG version: The goal is to sink all of your challenger’s ships before they sink yours.

14. Sling Racers

In Sling Racers, you need to swing and hook yourself through a concrete jungle using a grappling hook like something out of the classic Tomb Raider games or Spider-Man. You can play solo through different tournament leagues alongside other online players or select “Play with Friends” to see who can last the longest. You can also keep tabs on the leaderboard to see who has the highest score.

15. Bitmoji Party

In Bitmoji Party, you compete with friends in different mini-games. You can play with up to seven of your friends, and if none are available, you can play with other Snapchatters online. A "Game Master" is randomly selected at the beginning, and the games range from a pool party to a Zombie Escape to a football drill-inspired game. The games aren't too difficult, but what makes it fun is the friendly competition.


16. Subway Surfers Airtime

This game is an easy (and fun) way to pass the time. First, you select your character and whether you want to play a quick game or compete with friends. Then, you get to soar through a track on a skateboard. The goal is to collect as many coins as possible — and it'll definitely have you singing "Sk8er Boi" at one point or another.

17. Ready Chef Go!

Snapchat's Ready Chef Go! is the perfect pick for when you want to race the clock. In this game, you’re in charge of preparing and serving food to guests. Your timer is at the top of the game on the money progress bar and it varies depending on which level you play. You can compare your scores with friends on the leaderboard and unlock new restaurants the longer you play.

18. Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy was created by developer Gismart in partnership with Snapchat. It’s a real-time multiplayer game that lets you compete against your friends in a fun racing-style game. The game uses your Bitmoji, but you get to choose the type of car or animal you want to race with. Drive around the map and try to close your loop — which is designated by a specific color — before your opponents close theirs.

19. Smart Rush

A general-knowledge trivia game, Smart Rush features a fun board game layout and tiki markers that travel across the board after you answer a question correctly. Race with friends to see who makes it to the finish line first. To find this game, you need to go to Snapchat's Snappables, which are located on the left side of the Lens carousel. These often disappear and reappear on a rotating basis, so if you don’t see it right away, it may reappear later.

20. Closet Skeletons

This game asks you three questions on a topic that you can share and compare with your friends. The tagline asks, "What secrets are you hiding?" Once you click "Start," you'll see your selfie on a dancing skeleton. Choose one of the two categories shown on your screen. With truth-or-dare vibes, this feels a bit reminiscent of sharing secrets with BFFs at sleepovers. To find this game, look in the Snappables section on the left side of the Lens carousel.


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