Bernie Sanders Has Officially Opened A Campaign Office In Los Angeles

by Robert Anthony

If you're a Bernie Sanders supporter based in Los Angeles, you've probably heard the good news.

The New York-born presidential candidate now has a new campaign office located in Hollywood. According to LAist, nearly 300 supporters showed up at the new West Coast headquarters following Sanders' tough night in New York City.

With stickers, placards, lawn signs and other campaign swag going quickly, organizers began limiting the handouts to two items per supporter. And if, by any chance, the swag went out of stock, supporters could have always donated $4.20 to Sanders' campaign since it was 4/20.

Now that's how you put the grass in grassroots!

In addition to the Bernie gear, Los Angeles-based artist Paige Emery was commissioned to illustrate a massive, vibrant mural of Sanders which reads "Join The Political Revolution" on one of the walls in the new office.

In a recent interview with ABC 7, Michael Ceraso, the state director of Bernie 2016, reveals,

Los Angeles has a lot of support - a lot of Bernie support here. We really wanted to tap into that and say, 'How can we bring folks together?'

They hit the nail right on the head with a Hollywood office opening, that's for sure!

Lauren Steiner, the lead organizer behind LA for Bernie, also told ABC 7,

We have the most delegates here in California. We have the most volunteers in California. We are going to make sure that Bernie Sanders wins California by a huge margin.

If you don't get a chance to visit the new HQ, don't worry; West Coast Sanders supporters plan to knock on over 30,000 doors throughout the state through the weekend.

We'll just have to wait and see what the outcome of all this hard work is when the primary election for the state rolls around on June 7!

Now, about that mural:

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