Bernie Sanders Live-Tweeted Trump's Scary RNC Speech And It Was Glorious

First of all, before I say anything more, I'd like to point out Bernie Sanders lives in exactly the place I'd think Bernie Sanders would live — in other words, my grandmother's rec room.

Donald Trump gave his speech at the 2016 RNC last night, and Bernie returned to the battlefield to tweet up a storm against The Donald. He live-tweeted the speech under #RNCwithBernie.

And whereas other politicians clearly have their tweets written by 30 27-year olds in a conference room, we now have concrete, visual evidence Bernie writes his own tweets (or, at least that's what I'm assuming he's doing on his iPad in the photo below. There is also a strong possibility he is reading recipes for scones or some other old shit).

One Twitter user made this crucial observation regarding the above photograph:

Bernie punctuated Trump's speech by reminding people of recent history.

He also called out Trump on his many hypocrisies — namely that Trump manufactures many of his products in China, Mexico and Bangladesh, sometimes for as low a wage as 30 cents an hour.

Many of Bernie's Tweets were directed at those who voted for him -- some of whom, because of the hard-fought Democratic primary, are now surreally favoring Trump over Hillary, despite the fact that Hillary and Sanders share countless views on policy, whereas Sanders and Trump have about as much in common as a mahogany rocking chair and the Vietnam War.

Throughout, Bernie returned to his classic message of class division and the problem of wealth distribution in this country...

… before mentioning somehow we've kind of stopped publicly caring about that thing that started circa 2008, aka the fact that our planet is dangerously heating up.

Honestly, it was such a relief to have him back that now I want Bernie to live-tweet other stuff. With the hope he will come across them and oblige, I've listed some suggestions below:

#DMVwithBernie #TMNTwithBernie #KUWTKwithBernie #STDTestwithBernie