Pics Of Dog Before And After He's Rescued Will Make You Want To Adopt Him ASAP

by Alexandra Strickler
I Have A Dream/Facebook

If you're one of those weirdos who actually believes animals aren't capable of feeling or showing emotion, then it's high time you meet Smokey.

Smokey, a shy 5-year-old pup who constantly carries around his stuffed elephant, was abandoned on Valentine's Day and later surrendered to the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center in Ohio.

He was scheduled to be euthanized this month, but by a stroke of good luck, a pair of volunteers from the nonprofit I Have A Dream Rescue Organization came by the shelter and fell in love with the pooch and his elephant best friend.

Smokey couldn't be happier.

I Have A Dream/Facebook

Smokey's original family was forced to give him up after losing their home and could no longer take proper care of him. They dropped him off at the shelter with his favorite toy, a familiar piece of home.

Those working at the shelter quickly learned Smokey and his elephant were totally inseparable. They even included a note on his kennel saying the toy must be taken on by whoever adopts the pup.

I Have A Dream/Facebook

The staff characterized Smokey as a stressed and anxious dog, as he often growled at the public.

However, the staff soon recognized Smokey's new environment was likely the main catalyst for his stress. They quickly reached out and asked for a rescue group to help the pooch find a home.

Spokesperson Susan Smith told The Dodo,

He'll do much better when he's out of the kennel. He's going to do much better in a different environment.
I Have A Dream/Facebook

On March 5, the shelter's prayers were answered.

Since I Have A Dream Rescue Organization stepped in, pictures of Smokey show the pup smiling from ear to ear, all while standing guard over his favorite toy, of course.

I Have A Dream/Facebook

Volunteers will be finding him a foster family until he is either able to be put up for adoption, or his original owner is able to claim him back.

Misti Martin-Fuller, the founder of I Have A Dream Rescue Organization, said,

He will be offered back to his family first. If that is not an option, we will provide Smokey with as much time as he and his elephant need.

Smokey's awesome popularity on social media has led to more attention for the shelter, and therefore more attention for the 95 dogs currently living there.

BRB, gotta go home and ask my boyfriend if we can adopt 95 dogs.

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