BBC Asks If All Black People Like Fried Chicken In 'Unbelievably Racist' Video


First, Fox News Chinatown. Now, BBC fried chicken.

This is not a parody video. This is real. I don't even know what to say.


BBC deleted the Tweet, but, at the time of this writing, the video is still uploaded. It's hard to believe.

This video took tons of effort to make and produce; a graphics person designed the text overlay above, an editor stitched everything together, they went through multiple cuts and, finally, a color corrector went through and made it look good and TV-ready.

And nowhere along the way did someone say, “Hey, so, this is the most obviously racist thing since putting on a minstrel show."

I mean, it's like making a video called “DO ALL INDIAN MEN IN AMERICA OWN A 7-ELEVEN? IS THERE ANY TRUTH TO THAT?"


The video itself is also a remarkable example of cringe-worthiness.

This guy below basically has an epileptic fit trying not to admit that he thinks that the stereotype is true, which, of course, he does. On television.

It's like watching someone hold their breath for as long as they possibly can before finally, mercifully, giving up.

And below are my favorite three seconds of video ever. Read the subtitles for a moment of utter beauty.

You have two white girls collecting all their stereotypes together and mashing them up into a racism smoothie, followed by a human being trying to react as simply as possible to an utterly stupid and openly racist interview question.

Also, please pay close attention to what they put on the green screen behind them because it. is. so. hilarious. I. could. die.

People are Twitter were obviously amazed by the lack of judgment here.


K, so, the thing I have never understood about this stereotype is, like, EVERYONE likes chicken.

Everyone EATS CHICKEN. Chicken is so ubiquitous, we say every new food “tastes like chicken.”

It's like having a stereotype that is “KOREANS ALL LOVE COFFEE.”

Everyone involved in making this video seems to have never had a conversation with anyone who wasn't white. Also, they've clearly all been high on cocaine since age 12.

I'd expect this from other companies, BBC, but not you. Not you.

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