This Bar Used Naked Women As Fruit Platters, And People Freaked Out

Another day, another nudity scandal.

This time, though, it's at a place you wouldn't expect: a restaurant.

Apparently, the Cruise Bar in Sydney thought it would be a good idea to serve fruit on naked women's bodies.

Unsurpisingly, people weren't too thrilled — not only because of the implied sexism, but because of the hygienic violations that come with serving food on a person's naked body.

Pretty gross, right?

Social media, of course, exploded with negative reactions:

People weren't too thrilled with the spectacle.

Here are the flicks from the #CruiseBar launch last night with a nude ladies draped in food.... #NOPE — Dan and Maz (@DanAndMaz) August 26, 2015

I, for one, have a lot of questions.

Surely, at some point, someone puts their hand up and says, serving fruit off topless women may not be the greatest idea... #CruiseBar — Jedi (@TheRealJedi) August 27, 2015

Like what did the woman-platters think of the drama?

This is the display tonight at the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal Cruise Bar - unacceptable. #destroythejoint — Melanie James (@melanie_james) August 26, 2015

And did people still eat the nude food?

So many questions. Not enough answers.

No one was forced to do anything.There were near equal male/ female models.A good night @CoralieAlison @CollectiveShout @CruiseBarSydney — Matt de Groot (@mattdegroot_) August 26, 2015

The restaurant has yet to respond to the controversy.

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