This Baked By Melissa and Ritz Crackers collaboration is a sweet and salty treat.

These Cupcakes Made With Ritz Crackers Nail The Sweet & Salty Vibe

There’s even a salted caramel option.

Courtesy of Baked By Melissa

Sweet and salty combos are undoubtedly some of the most crave-worthy snacks. But picture a Ritz Crackers-inspired cupcake collection. Yep, Ritz and Baked By Melissa went there. It might be difficult to imagine what a cracker and cupcake combo tastes like but if you’re ready to add it to your list of summer treats, here are all the details on the bites.

Baked by Melissa announced its launch with Ritz Crackers on Tuesday, June 8, and it's a wild combo. The limited-edition 25-count Salty-Sweet Cupcake Pack takes on the flavors of the classic crackers and bite-sized, sugary cupcakes. Inside the special cupcake pack are three handcrafted flavors: Peanut Butter and Crackers, Tie-Dye Cracker Crunch, and Salted Chocolate Caramel. You’ll be able to score the special 25-count pack of mini Ritz Cracker-inspired cupcakes on Baked by Melissa’s website for $32 through June 22.

If you’re wondering what the three cracker-inspired bites taste like, here’s the scoop. The Peanut Butter and Crackers flavor features a yellow Ritz Cracker cake, a vanilla Ritz Cracker crumble filling, and peanut butter icing on top, complemented with chocolate brittle and sprinkles.

Courtesy of Baked By Melissa

Next up in the pack is the Tie-Dye Cracker Crunch, which features Baked by Melissa’s iconic yellow and red tie-dye cupcake with a Ritz Cracker crumble stuffing, vanilla cracker crumble icing, and white chocolate Ritz Cracker brittle on top. Finally, the cupcake collection includes the Salted Chocolate Caramel cupcake — a dulce de leche-stuffed chocolate cake with chocolate icing and a RITZ Cracker streusel and sprinkles topping.

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If you’re craving the combo, the only way to score the Baked by Melissa Ritz Crackers Cupcake Collection is online, so you’ll want to act fast before they’re gone.