Baby Overdoses On Cocaine In Mom's Breast Milk After She Does 'One Line, Tops'

A married couple from Arizona has been sentenced after their baby was found with cocaine in her system, Arizona Daily Star reports.

Krystin Rae Lisaius and Somchai Lisaius, who both worked as TV reporters in Tucson, pleaded guilty to endangerment after their child ingested the drug while being breastfed.

They were ordered to serve one year of probation and were handed a 30-day suspended jail sentence.

Their then 4-month-old baby was taken to Oro Valley Hospital on May 15 when her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she could not be woken up,

Police reports show the couple admitted to using cocaine in their home in the hours before the baby fell ill.


The couple had been hosting close friends that weekend when the substance was taken.

A witness from the party, Thomas, said she did "one line, tops," reports Tucson Weekly.

Krystin stated in police reports she did not think cocaine would still be in her system after 12 hours had passed.

The baby has since made a full recovery. She was placed in the care of her grandmother by the Department of Child Safety.


When officers searched their home, they discovered nearly 2 grams of cocaine in a desk drawer alongside a rolled-up dollar bill in a Tiffany jewelry box.

Detectives also found a white substance on a card in Krystin's name.

Attorney Michael Piccarreta called the couple "excellent parents" and said the child was "never harmed." He said,

Fortunately, when you get to the underlying facts, the facts are that these are excellent parents. The child is well taken care of, the child was never harmed and is responding beautifully.

Somchai, who worked as a crime reporter, must carry out 100 hours of community service while his wife was ordered to serve 20 hours.

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