Baby Monkey's Pure Love For Goat That Adopted It Will Mend Your Broken Soul


This is a story about a super-chill goat and a clingy, little baby monkey.

This is also something you don't hear about every day because most monkeys would rather do their own thing than follow another animal's lead.

However, when one baby monkey was separated from his parents in Jiangxi Province, China, he decided to find a new family by breaking into a goat farm and befriending one lucky goat.

According to DailyMail, a farmer named Zhong Shu says the monkey somehow broke into his goat farm nearly a week ago and crowned a black nanny goat as his new mommy.


Shu spoke to CCTV News about the unusual (but absolutely adorable) discovery, revealing,

When I found it, the monkey was lying prone on a piece of wood. Then, when it saw me, it ran back and forth, as if it was scared of me.

The little 6-pound monkey, who was frightened at the sight of the farmer, decided to cling onto the backs of goats in the pen for protection. Can you even blame this little guy?

Humans can be unpredictably crazy! Luckily, the baby monkey was in good hands either way -- whether he was with the farmer or his new goat mom.

The monkey was so scared of Shu that he wouldn't even budge when Shu attempted to feed him bananas. Instead, he clung firmly to the black nanny goat like the rest of us probably would.

Farmer Zhong Shu says that the monkey is now obsessed with his new mom and won't leave her. They sleep together and a spend the entire day together as if they had done this their whole lives.


Despite how freakin' adorable this is (if you don't think so, you don't have a soul), the monkey, unfortunately, won't be able to spend the rest of his life at the goat farm.

The report states that when the news began circulating about the monkey and his newfound home with his goat mom, the Tonggu County Wildlife Protection Station said they would transfer the monkey to a zoo in the city of Yichun when he gets a bit older.

Still, we should all just be happy that these two had the chance to bond for the time that they did!

*Takes a swig of champagne.*

This one's for you, monkey.

Check out the clip above for a closer look!

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