This Hands-Free Sex Toy Can Be Controlled By Your Apple Watch Or Phone

Still on the fence about whether or not you should splurge on an Apple Watch? Still endlessly irritated you have to turn your sex toys on and off with your own two hands?

Well, Lovense has an innovation for you!

The manufacturer behind several sex toy aids recently reached its $10,000 goal for donations via Indiegogo for the production of Blush Vibe, a vibrator controlled by way of an iPhone or Apple Watch.

For audiophiles having trouble getting in the mood, the Blush Vibe also allows users to sync its vibrations to music or other noise.

In an interview with Huffington Post, the product's marketing manager, Eddy Olivares, touts the toy as a step above others like it. He claims,

What makes our toy stand out is the connectivity range. During the research phase of our development, we tested all the bluetooth toys on the market.

Fingers crossed the production of the Blush Vibe is successful. After all, Christmas is four months away, and those stockings aren't going to stuff themselves.

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