The Angriest Baby Ever Is Totally Crushing His Resting B*tch Face (Video)

There is no more shade. This baby threw all of the shade.

Miguel Félix Gut's video of a baby with the single worst case of RBF -- resting bitch face or roast beef face, depending on the situation -- is magical.

The adults in the video are trying to make this angry infant cheer up, and the baby could not be more annoyed by their attempts. At one point, the adults even try physically molding the baby's face into a smile, and it works for a second before the smile quickly snaps back into an angry glare.

The baby's hair randomly reacting to a mysterious indoor breeze is the cherry on top of this already flawless video.

Sometimes you wanna be mad, and the only thing the world can do is just watch you stew.

Let this baby stew in peace.

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