Mind = Blown: Almond Milk Has Barely Any Almonds In It At All

This just in: Almond milk isn't really made with almonds. At least, not really.

A lawsuit was recently filed against Almond Breeze manufacturer Blue Diamond after it was revealed the dairy-free milk alternative contains just 2 percent almonds.

The lawsuit, which is requesting $5 million in damages, is seeking to penalize the company for false advertising as the milk's carton blatantly says it's “made from real almonds” and includes photographs of said non-existent nuts.

Though ingredient percentages are conveniently left off the product packaging here in the US, Almond Breeze cartons sold in the UK do note the product contains only 2 percent almonds.

Which begs the question: If almond milk isn't made with almonds…. what the f*ck is it made with?

According to the lawsuit, it's nothing worth the hefty price tag Blue Diamond has gotten away with thus far. The product is made with mostly sugar, carrageenan, water and sunflower lecithin.

While the plaintiffs argue Blue Diamond should be punished for willfully deceiving customers, they do not indicate an acceptable almond percentage.

Ball's in your court, Blue Diamond. Give us nuts or give us $5 million.

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