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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called out Tucker Carlson and called him a "creep."

AOC Called Out "Creep" Tucker Carlson For His Gross Segment About Her

"This is clearly not a safe person to leave alone with women."

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Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not one to shy away from a Twitter fight. On Friday, Feb. 18, AOC once again stood up for herself after Fox host Tucker Carlson said some pretty offensive things on the latest episode of his show. Carlson kicked off his Friday show by discussing New York magazine’s upcoming book Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC, which chronicles AOC’s political career. The TV host began his critique of the book by saying, “There is no place on Earth outside of American colleges and newsrooms where Sandy Cortez would be recognized as a quote, woman of color, because she’s not! She’s a rich, entitled white lady.” But Carlson didn’t stop there, and went on to dig through Ocasio-Cortez’s old social media posts and ridicule them on air. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saw the clips, and her tweets call out Tucker Carlson as a “creep” and ponder why his show even exists.

The clip AOC responded to specifically shows Carlson dissecting a 2018 Instagram Story AOC shared of herself assembling a coffee table in her apartment, where she said into the camera, “I’m alone today.” “Is it just us or does that sound like an invitation to a booty call?” Carlson said. “Maybe one step from ‘What are you wearing?’ Either way, it’s a little strange, definitely over-sharing.”

AOC clapped back at Carlson’s remarks, tweeting “This is the type of stuff you say when your name starts with a P and ends with dejo,” referencing the Spanish word “pendejo,” which translates to “idiot” or “*sshole” in English.

She went on to question Carlson’s ethics in a follow-up tweet: You’re a creep bro. If you’re this easy w/ sexual harassment on-air, how are you treating your staff?”

The representative went on to say Carlson’s behavior was not acceptable no matter the political party. “Any man that talks like this will treat any woman like this,” she wrote. “Doesn’t matter if you’re Republican, Democrat, or neither, this is clearly not a safe person to leave alone w/ women. Once again, the existence of a wife or daughters doesn’t make a man good. And this one is basura,” she finished, calling him “trash” in Spanish.

Her commentary on the slew of remarks didn’t stop Friday night though. On the morning of Saturday, Feb. 19, she continued to share her perspective. “I genuinely want to know why Tucker Carlson is allowed/paid to engage in clear, targeted, libelous harassment that endangers people (and) drives so many violent threats that ppl have to fundraise for their own safety,” she said. “Why should they have to pay for his harassment? Make it make sense.”

She finished by arguing that Carlson’s segment, and his show overall, doesn’t have any of the “political value” that he purports it to have. “It’s not within the realm of political commentary, (and) it’s not just me,” AOC said. “He regularly targets people that do not have access to resources for protection. Once he gets to fantasizing about ‘booty calls’ of women on national TV I cease to see the political value outside of incitement.”

The book that incited the Carlson and AOC conversation, New York magazine’s Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC, comes out on Feb. 22.