This Adorable One-Eyed Pug Is Now A Concierge At A Five-Star Hotel

Parker the pug works at the Park Hyatt Chicago hotel. She's new there, but she's learning the ropes pretty quick.

The Park Hyatt is one of those incredibly fancy five-star hotels with robust white towels that you see in movies, but will never stay in.

Now, since you have never stayed in a hotel like that, you don't know hotels like it surprisingly have really sh*tty employees.

Take Parker, for example. The hotel hired her just because of her looks, but she's totally useless. I honestly don't know what has happened to the service industry.

I mean, chick doesn't even have opposable thumbs.

I know this is controversial to say, but I think it's just sad a hard-working human American is having a job stolen by an animal who is dating a chair leg.

Parker is the new concierge at the Park Hyatt Chicago hotel.

Parker is a one-eyed rescue pug from Tennessee with expensive taste in neckwear.

Honestly, Parker is a terrible concierge. She doesn't even speak English, and she poops on the ground.

But, the guests seem to like her, even though she is always naked.

Parker, you only got this job based on your looks. You disgust me.

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