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This Abducted Woman's Terrifying 911 Call May Have Led Cops To Serial Killer

An Ohio man named Shawn Grate has been taken into police custody after allegedly murdering three women. Two dead bodies were found in a house with Shawn Grate after police received a harrowing, whispered 911 call from a woman.

In the call below, she tells the 911 operator she was abducted and tied up by a man named Shawn Grate.

"Please hurry," she adds.

She is able to tell the police where to find her by saying she is being held in a house across the street from a certain laundromat.

Police arrived soon after and, miraculously, rescued the woman in question.

Be advised, this call may be disturbing to some readers.

In the call, the woman explains she was able to partially free herself from her restraints enough to make her way to a phone. She speaks barely above a whisper, so as not to wake him.

She says the man carried a taser.

When police arrived they found Shawn Grate and the woman who made the call in a house that had been abandoned since March, along with the bodies of two other victims.

One of the bodies in the house has been identified as Stacey Stanely, who went missing on September 8, according to Police Chief David Marcelli.

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Stacey Stanely's sister asserts the police did not take her sister's disappearance seriously enough. Supporting this claim, as the Daily Mail points out, is the fact that Stanely was last seen at a gas station with a flat tire, only a few blocks from where she would eventually be found dead.

The woman who made the call to the police has remained anonymous but she says she knew the man for around six weeks.

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A third woman's body was discovered nearby in Richland county. Grate allegedly confessed to this murder, which he says happened in June.

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