44-Year-Old Man Has Sex For The First Time Ever After Getting A Bionic Penis

A Scottish man fitted with a bionic penis said he finally lost his virginity at the age of 44.

When he was just 6 years old, Edinburgh's Mohammed Abad was pushed into the street during a snowball fight and hit by a car.

The car dragged him about 1,800 feet, tearing off his penis and horrifically damaging a testicle, according to Daily Mail.

Doctors gave Abad a 3-centimeter tube allowing him to urinate, but treatments to reattach his penis or give him a new one were not available in 1978.

He told "New Day,"

I never used to associate myself with girls because I knew if I took the next step then it's going to come back and slap me in the face... I didn't want to put myself in that situation.

Abad reportedly had an arranged marriage, but it wasn't until his wedding night he told his new wife about his accident. The marriage ended roughly three years later in 2015.

About seven years ago, Abad received a letter from a hospital saying doctors believed they had the capabilities to give him a bionic penis.

Skin from his forearm was rolled up to form an 8-inch penis equipped with two rubber tubes that produce an erection when Abad pushes a button on his testicles. A second button in the same area causes the erection to deflate whenever Abad wants.

The initial procedure was carried out in 2012, but Abad's ninth and final surgery was only completed last July.

Sex worker Charlotte Rose, 35, reportedly contacted Abad when she heard about his groundbreaking surgery and offered her services for free.

The two went on a date and spent a few days becoming acquainted before the big night in a London hotel.

Abad's new organ malfunctioned on their first night together but worked just fine on the second.

Rose, who worked with many disabled clients, said Abad was able to last almost two hours and reportedly called his bionic penis "incredible."

She reportedly said,

It was a real [honor] to be asked [to be Abad's first partner] because your first time is a memory in your life you never forget. I wanted to make sure there was no pressure for Mo. There was a lot of fun, smiles and giggles. The room got quite heated.

Abad is now looking to get married and even have children, which doctors say is entirely feasible because he has healthy testosterone levels.

He hopes to be in a serious relationship by 2017.

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