The New Instagram Offline Update Makes Using The App In These Places Possible


Having no cell phone service these days is pretty much the equivalent to running out of food and water.

It's necessary for survival — especially when almost every move we make is documented online through an assortment of overly edited Instagram posts.

Unfortunately, we're all familiar with the dreaded moment when the tiny bars in the upper corner of our phones disappear, leaving us in a dark, debilitating world of "No Service."

Luckily, Instagram's new update will allow us to use the app even when we're stuck in a dead zone.

It's true: Soon, we'll be able to scroll through Instagram feeds, like pictures, follow friends and leave comments when our phones go offline, Metro reports.

In other words, we'll have 24/7 access to your followers' lives in the 'gram.

Instagram announced the glorious news on April 19 at F8, claiming they've built support on the app that lets most of their features to run without internet service, TechCrunch reports.

Hendri, an Instagram engineer, said people will be able to view previously-loaded versions of the "Explore" tab, in addition to old profiles and content they've loaded before.

Once a user likes, comments, follows or unfollows someone else, their actions will process once there's service again.

Apparently, the only downside is that the update is only available on Androids — so if you're a proud Android user, now's your time to shine. The app update is currently available for you.

However, Instagram told TechCrunch that they're currently exploring an update for iOS so iPhone users can function without internet, too. (Thank God.)

If you aren't jumping out of your seat with excitement right now, you totally should be -- because this is exciting news, people!

Can you imagine all the spots you can use Instagram now?!

If not, I'll give you some suggestions.

1. On subways.

If you live in an area where underground trains are the main method of transportation, you're probably aware of the fact most trains don't have service.

Now, you can Insta on-the-go. Finally.

2. At your grandma's house.

I don't know about you, but my grandma's house has ZERO service.

At this point, I think she takes away the internet on purpose whenever family visits, but it looks like I'll be able to Instagram during family gatherings in no time.

3. On your private yacht in the middle of the Caribbean.

Everyone knows finding cell service in the middle of the ocean is borderline impossible unless you're connected to some sort of WiFi.

But next time you're sailing in style (like Barack and Oprah), don't be afraid to scroll through the 'gram and waste time looking at fake pictures of the ocean when the real ocean is right in front of you.

4. On planes.

Let's face it: Acquiring good service on a plane is tough, especially when you're restricted to Airplane Mode and the shitty WiFi on board.

Thanks to the new update, you'll be able to spend your flight scrolling through photos in your Instagram feed without the hassle of finding internet.

5. In Outer Space.

In case you're ever abducted by aliens or decide to take a trip to the moon, rest assured you'll still be able to like your friends' posts of the brunches they ate last weekend.

Important, I know.

6. When you're lost in a forest.

Everyone's been through a low point when they've gotten lost in the middle of the woods with friends, right?

Ha, oh... is that just me?

Either way, you'll be able to pass time while you're lost and wandering in the forest by scrolling through your Insta feed.

7. In your apartment when you forget to pay the internet bill.

Sometimes, bills go unpaid — and when that happens, your internet access usually disappears.

If this happens, stay positive because you'll still be able to stay in loop on Instagram.

(Of course, all the moves you make on the app will only appear when you pay your bill and get internet access again.)

8. In a basement.

Whether you're chillin' in an underground bar or playing cards in your best friend's basement, there's a strong chance you won't have service.

Don't fret, though. Instagram has your back.

9. In a submarine.

I've never been more than 4 feet deep into the ocean, but I'm going to assume there isn't any internet service miles and miles deep into the water.

Have no fear, though. You'll still be able to scroll through pictures on your feed once you're swimming with the creepy deep-sea monsters (I mean, fish).

10. Inside elevators.

Whenever you're in an elevator, there's an excruciating 5 seconds between floors that usually leave you without service.

Instagram understands it's difficult to wait a moment or two before re-connecting, so they made sure we can ride an elevator and stay active on Insta at the same time.

So, there you have it.

Once the Instagram update is available on both Androids and iPhones, the world will have nonstop access to their Insta feeds.

Technology is great, isn't it?