The 5 Different Types Of Love We All Experience, According To 'Faded' DJ Zhu


Oh, Zhu. He's the artist who captured our hearts and souls with “Faded,” which became a hit in clubs and bars all over the world.

Just recently, the talented artist released his album "GenerationWhy," and the songs have a simple, straightforward meaning.

It's an ode to us -- the ones who love hard, yet are cold. The ones who dance in the nude to the beat of the music without a care in the world. We're the festival goers, the hopeful romantics and, honestly, the most emotionally unemotional generation of them all.

Here are five types of love the artist mentions in his new album that pretty much sum up our generation as a whole.

The Unpredictable Lover

Have you ever been afraid of falling in love with someone you know just isn't right for you? You know they can't commit, yet you simultaneously can't help yourself from being addicted to their touch.

Next thing you know, you find yourself playing a game that is highly dangerous and requires you to invest all of your emotions, knowing you might get hurt. Sounds familiar right? Yep, because that's what dating is like in 2016: cold-blooded.

The One Who Calls When They're Alone

Is it just me, or are we the generation that is looking for the quick fix?

The only time we seek affection from others is when we feel alone or empty. "In The Morning" is one of my favorite tracks because it acknowledges the fact we “only call” when solidarity just isn't doing it for us.

We crave the emotional touch -- the love of another human -- but not the responsibility that comes with it. We're all about satisfaction in the form of pleasing and connecting with another person, but once the dust settles and the high is gone, we're done.

Your “OG” Love

Remember back in the early 2000s when Usher and Alicia Keys made a song about it?

Most of us have that one person who pulls at our heart strings and knows us better than anyone else. We always want to run back to them when things get tough, but every single time we realize things are never really the same.

"Hometown Girl" brushes up on that idea. We are the generation that walks out when things get real and rough. We let success, Instagram fame and money shape our view and opinions of our partners. For some reason, we try and make it work with this person for history's sake, but the truth is things “will never be the same” because we all change with time, and our wants and needs do too.

The Unholy Grail

Sometimes, if we're lucky, we find that one person who becomes our other half.

They make us better -- they are our lovers and best friends. The shitty part is when you fall for someone who is actually in a relationship with someone else. This is all too common, especially amongst a generation that has so much access to social media. Anyone can give you the impression they will understand you and love you better than the one you're with. Even though no one wants to admit it, this has made us the swipe-happy generation full of secrets.

The Relentless Lover

My parents put me in a French school when I was younger, so I know what the song "Palm of my Hand" is all about.

It's pretty much a song about ghosting. That person who disappears, and then reappears, just to walk out on you again. This is a phenomenon that is sweeping our nation. The sad thing is we let them in time and time again. Why? I have no fucking idea.

So, if you're a sucker like me, my best advice to you would be to block 'em. You won't even be remotely tempted to get sucked into a relationship that you know has no longevity.