The Essential Songs That Everyone Loves To Sing In The Shower (Listen)

by Doran Miller-Rosenberg

We've all been in the shower, just scrubbing and washing, doing our thing. Some people prefer baths, because you can add more ingredients to them and marinate yourself in accentual scents.

Regardless, the acoustics, comfort and temperament in a scrubbing environment are all ideal for belting out your favorite songs.

What is it in the human soul that makes us need to sing in the bathroom? All our inhibitions, insecurities and belly button lint are released and guzzled down the drain. It doesn't matter how you actually sound in reality, in the shower, every note you sing is perfection.

But what are the best songs to enjoy while you take your relaxing, steaming, daily cleanse? Don't worry about that; we've got you.

Here are the best songs to sing in the shower, or the cleanly cuts. When you sing these as loud as you can, an angel takes its first flight:

1) Justin Timberlake — "Mirrors"

Stare into your reflection in the bath, or let your voice cut through the drops as they stream from the shower head. Belt it with passion, let your vocals mirror JT, then continue the medley:

2) Justin Timberlake — "Cry Me a River"

The damage is done, so it's time to be singing.

3) Nelly Furtado — "Promiscuous Girl"

Imaginary lovers are always teasing you in the shower.

"I want you on my team." "So does everybody else," is one of the best lyrics ever sung in a shower.

4) Usher — "Love in the Club"

It's always the club in your shower, and this smash lives there forever.

5) Johnny Cash — "Cry, Cry, Cry"

It's fun to be sad in the shower sometimes. Deep bass vocals also sound incredible.

6) Shannon and the Clams — "The Cult Song"

This is motivation for life, baby. One morning, you will wake up and realize that you can't live your life based on mistaken beliefs in comet spirituality.

7) Ramones — "Chain Saw"

You're pretty vulnerable in the shower. At any time, someone could potentially come in there and murder you "Texas Chainsaw" style, and you'd be a fleshy mess of suds and ineffective protest as you were chopped to pieces. So stay vigilant in your singing!

8) Outkast — "SpottieOttieDopaliscious"

Some may argue that "So Fresh, So Clean" would be a more appropriate choice, but those people are trapped in devastating cycle of heavy-handedness. Get spotless to the smooth, beautiful horns and flows of the 'Kast at the height of their powers.

9) The Cuff Links — "Guided Missiles"

Doo-wop is perhaps the genre most conducive to shower singing. There's so many noises to make, allowing echo from the droplets and close quarters. Do the "bo-bo-bos" in the depths of the tub, the lead vocals as you start to stand and anything high-pitched as high and far away from the water as your face can reach.

10) Whitney Houston — "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"

R.I.P., you fallen princess. Thanks so much for all you gave us,  including the greatest shower song of all time.

Photo Courtesy: We heart It