Take A Dab Smoking Tutorial With Queens Rapper Action Bronson (Video)

Before we take a look at this video, I’d like to level-set by saying that there are casual smokers, there are full-blown pot heads and then there’s Action Bronson.

We’re talking about the guy who threw out four ounces of medical marijuana at Coachella just to celebrate 4/20. This guy is a marijuana mastermind. Which is why it’s no surprise that "The Frank Show" asked him to try out some of California’s finest dabs and give a chronic critique. The dude even has his own microG.

The surprising part was watching him take dab after dab of the finest strains that Cali’s TerpX, Fresh off the Bud and West Coast Cure had to offer without missing a beat. If you think you’re a heavy smoker, watch this this video and think again.

So next time you need to know which strain to pair with your brandied pepper steak, just ask Action Bronson.

via Lexichronic