Paul McCartney Says Making Music With Kanye Reminded Him Of John Lennon

by Adam Pliskin

This story is sure to do wonders for Kanye West's modesty. While talking to The Sun, Paul McCartney recently compared Kanye to John Lennon.

McCartney and Kanye collaborated on Kanye's upcoming album, So Help Me God, and their songwriting process was very similar to McCartney and Lennon's while the two were members of The Beatles.

Sir Paul said,

When I wrote with John, he would sit down with a guitar. I would sit down. We'd ping-pong till we had a song. It was like that [with Kanye].

McCartney also expressed some misgivings he had before working with Kanye.

He said,

My first thought was, 'Woah, what am I going to get into here?' He is amazingly talented but controversial and can make eccentric moves. I [realized] if it didn't work out we'd just say so and shake hands and leave.

But everything worked out in the end, and we have all been blessed with some wonderful music courtesy of McCartney and Kanye.

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