The Notorious BIG Has A New Album With Faith Evans Coming Out Very Soon

by Julian Sonny

It's been 19 years since Christopher Wallace, aka The Notorious BIG, died.

As one of the all-time rap greats, it's easy to forget his original sound among all these current artists, but now, finally, we can all look forward to hearing some new Biggie Smalls in our near future.

In an interview, Biggie's widow, the Grammy award winning Faith Evans, says she's had something in the works for years now but finally told Dame Dash Radio that her collab album with BIG is nearly done and set to release soon.

Faith says,

That's something I've been thinking and talking about doing with Ms. Wallace for a long time… I'm kind of in the finishing stages.

The project is called "The King And I" and will be the first duet album since Bad Boy released Duets: The Final Chapter in 2005, which was a banger.

What we can expect from this new project is an emotional tribute from the wife he left behind. Faith says she's been waiting for the right time to finally drop the project and now believes that she's ready.

In the interview, Faith even talks about potentially doing live performances of the album featuring a Biggie hologram. Skip ahead to the 23-minute mark to hear her talk about the new album and the Notorious BIG below.