The Company Behind Your Favorite Rapper's Favorite Cough Syrup Will Stop Making 'Lean'

Actavis, perhaps the most popular and recognizable brand of lean (promethazine and codeine cough syrup) is stopping production.

They cited media attention and glamorization of the unlawful, dangerous uses of the drug, which of course, they never intended people to do. They also didn't profit off it too much, or at least won't anymore.

It's funny, because how do all these bottles of factory-made and shipped bottles of lean get out to the public?

You'd think they make it based on demand, then ship it to approved retailers of the stuff, yet thousands of bottles of Actavis have been making it onto the black market, then embarrassing the good people at Actavis when they're abused and glorified. It's so strange.

Noisey did a piece on lean recently in which they tried to figure out how this regulated product keeps getting into Biebers' grubby, little hands. If a bottle can go for hundreds on the open market, and insurance will only pay a fraction, you guess what lean manufacturers are going to do.

If this is how they interact with the public, imagine what they're doing when no one's looking:

The FDA had been sending warnings Wockhardt Limited, that the company hasn't properly accounted for what it's made and sold, and has delayed and limited FDA inspections.

Another company that makes lean is Tri State Distribution:

Lean is a strange, niche drug. Because it's nominally cough syrup, a common product we all have access to, and the opportunity to abuse, it seems harmless in comparison to more recognizably evil drugs like heroin.

But when you read about daily users, or see what's happened to Gucci Mane over the past few years, this doesn't sound like the recreational fun associated with other, more socially accepted drugs.

Mondre M.A.N., one half of Main Attrakionz, Oakland's magnetic cloud rap duo gave Vice a great, succinct description of what lean is like:

First Actavis, now the rest. The era of lean is over.

H/T: Noisey, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It