Save Terio Before He Suffers The Same Fate As Michael Jackson And Justin Bieber

by Doran Miller-Rosenberg

Forget Justin Bieber. Terio isn't doing so well, and people are starting to notice.

Byron Crawford, Generation Y's Hemingway, wrote a piece called "Won't Someone Save This Portly Black Child" about Terio, and even Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg has started to take notice. As you can probably guess, he's very concerned.

If you don't know who Terio is, consult this Vine first and foremost:

From this initial "Oooh Kill 'Em" dance spawned an Internet phenomenon that has taken over the life of one 7-year-old from Georgia. Since this first Vine, Terio has gone on to record dozens. After Instagram expanded to videos, many credited Terio with saving Vine with his enormously popular dance videos.

His cousin Maleek, a teenager who also lives in Georgia, is the one filming many of the Terio videos. But Terio has become a potential cash cow, and there's an incalculable number of people around him, hoping to profit off his profile.

Terio has started hanging out with Meghan Good, Face-Timing Chief Keef, releasing rap songs he didn't rap on and even recently appearing at Super Bowl media week. It's also alleged that Terio is on tour, and makes paid appearances in clubs. These clips from Super Bowl media week are a cry for help:

In the first clip, who is the man yelling at Terio to take his hat off? As if Terio's in the middle of a real, serious interview, and he should act professionally?!? Terio's having none of it, and turns around to scream something to the effect of, "I'm the star of the show, and I'll wear hats when I damn well please."

In the second clip, we see one of Terio's handlers supplying him with one of his current drugs of choice, Gatorade. Right now, Terio has a Gatorade man, who doesn't even know that red is his favorite flavor, something he reveals with, "I bet this one gooder."

Since the first videos were posted on Vine, Terio has grown drastically, and his weight was a problem to begin with.

How is this happening?

A dangerously overweight Terio, out of school and exhibiting communication skills far below his age level was hobnobbing with dozens of adults at Super Bowl media week, and no one noticed or cared about the state of him! No 7-year-old should be this big:

He's a dancer whose movements are constricted by his body. When he speaks, you can hear him wheezing from the effort it takes. This is also a huge part of why he's so popular, because people can't help but chuckle at the efforts of this rotund little boy. But that's no reason to allow him to be exploited by whatever entourage is controlling his moves.

In order for him to be at events like Super Bowl media week, and appearing with The Game and Meghan Good in videos, a lot of famous and influential people have to be colluding. Otherwise, Terio would just be a regular second grader by day, and a Vine star by night and on the weekends. Unfortunately, there's just too much money to be made.

Once they start licensing "Ooh Kill 'Em" T-shirts, procuring a Terio Saturday morning cartoon and dropping an album featuring unknowns with heavy pockets called Terio Presents...this child will never see a normal life again. This isn't a new phenomenon. Look at Miley Cyrus, or Justin Bieber. Both had their lives transformed as early teenagers when their parents/handlers/Jewish agents gave their lives up for public consumption. Just to make a buck.

But because they seemed healthy, we ignored it. They looked so happy and c'mon, who doesn't want to be famous? Even if you're a little kid that never learned how to take care of yourself, or any of the humbling, important life lessons most people are confronted with from an early age.

If Terio was in better shape, and slightly more articulate, the world probably would take no notice of how those around him were preying on him. In spite of all we've seen throughout the years of talented children destroyed by their families' greed (Jackson, Michael) we still ignore it even as we watch it begin and eventually collapse in real time.

Miley and Justin are reaching the point where adolescent exuberance runs out, and is replaced by the cold realities of their most basic needs: revealing their genitals, drinking promethazine and Fanta concoctions and risking deportation.

And why are those their most basic needs? To get some kind of release from the Bizzaro World they've been trapped in throughout their pubescence. Let's end the cycle! Recently, Terio tweeted the following:

As you can see, I retweeted, because I care about Terio. You should do the same. Unfortunately, Terio purposely chose a number of retweets he'd never get, because he has no intention of losing weight. In fact, I don't think this is even Terio tweeting, it's probably some handler whose been reading pieces like this one, and can tell there's room for promoting Terio from the weight loss angle:

Expect to see him on his new spinoff series, "World's Youngest Loser" any day now.

No more! This is where we draw the line. Do not stand idly by and watch Terio become another Miley or Justin.

This is a call of duty, and one with much more, immediately dire stakes. If we do nothing, Terio will die. Don't be these thirsty, careless Seahawks: Don't just stand there, help Terio!

Top Image Courtesy: Instagram