An 11-Year-Old Boy Just Caused An Uproar On YouTube With His Cover Of Biggie's 'Juicy'

Matty B is the hilarious child rapper who at age 7 said, "and my chain makes my neck huht / it's like something out a comicbook."

That was four years ago. Matty B was doing a "cover" of Rihanna and Drake's "What's My Name," in which he mimics their flow and changes some of the lyrics.

Now, at 11, Matty B has moved on from covering Drake and Rihanna to covering The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy." People on the Internet are mad:

Is Matty B's cover of "Juicy" any good? No. It's charming in a "look at that dog playing the piano" kind of way, but it's not even sub-par, it's incomparable to the piece of music it's attempting to recall.

Someone should talk to Matty B and let him know that this rap sh*t is not for everyone. It's not for young, "untalented" boys to hop into and make a mockery of.

That would mean that the music was for all to participate in, and that the stylistic differences that result from different backgrounds could be celebrated, or at least tolerated. It would mean that the more directions we push music in, the better it gets. Crazy. Matty B should be banned from rapping forever.

But should he provoke a deep, eternal rage in people? Should racial lines be drawn over this silly attempt at homage? If you feel some type of way about Matty B, you need to reassess the problems in your life, and the world.

YouTube user bman342a, I'm talking to you. How is Matty B trying to act "ghetto"? What does acting "ghetto" even mean?

That's a fallacy that society has constructed to dismiss and marginalize people based on appearance, linguistics and behavior, but it has no value or use in reality. There is no such thing as being "ghetto" as a person. Ghettos are places.

Matty B was imitating Biggie's "Juicy," which he's undoubtedly grown up listening to, regardless of where he lives or how much money his parents make.

He probably loves it faithfully, sincerely, absolutely (even though it's not one of Biggie's better songs) and was doing his best to rap over it, no matter how disappointing that may be. If you don't like it, don't like it, but stop trying to turn this into some little boy's racism. He's not thinking in those terms, only you are.

Let this little boy cook. You're letting a full grown Macklemore do way worse.