'Motown The Musical' Cast Does Surprise Performance On Virgin Flight (Video)

Just once I'd like to be on a plane where an entire musical group of a Broadway show breaks out in song and dance.

The cast of "Motown the Musical" gave unsuspecting Virgin Atlantic passengers a surprise performance on a recent flight to Detroit.

You should know, however, Virgin Atlantic uploaded the video to YouTube, and Richard Branson was randomly on the flight, so the performance may be more of a soulful marketing stunt than an impromptu performance.

But real talk, it honestly seems like every flight I'm not on has the ensemble of "The Lion King" or "Aladdin" or something lead a sing-along.

Come on, Broadway musicals! I know I'm not Richard Branson, but that doesn't mean I like the pageantry of the Great White Way any less.

It doesn't need to be the main company of "Les Miz" or anything, but like, would it kill you to at least send a regional touring company of "A Chorus Line" my way?

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