Mom Thanks Fetty Wap For Giving Son Courage To Take Out Prosthetic Eye


Not a lot of people make it out of where Fetty Wap is from.

Paterson, New Jersey isn't a place known for producing rap stars, but after this summer, it's hard to argue there's anyone hotter than Fetty.

His music touches everyone, from girls calling themselves trap queens because they're dating some dudes who sell weed to corny little suburban kids remixing his songs about apple pies.

However, if there's one person he's touched the most, it's a young boy named Jayden, who, like Fetty, had one of his eyes removed as a child.

In an emotional Facebook post, Jayden's mother shared how Fetty Wap gave her son the courage to go outside with his prosthetic eye.

She wrote,

Fetty Wap has never tried to hide his missing eye and, despite dealing with assh*les on the Internet, he has never let it get in the way of his career and what he's trying to do.

He's an inspiration to Jayden and anyone like him.

His debut album, which drops later this month, even focuses in on his missing eye, yet another way to remind all of his doubters he made it.

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