This Kid Made A PG Version Of 'Trap Queen' And It's Really Terrible (Video)


Usually, I don't let sh*t I see on the Internet affect me, but the PG-version of "Trap Queen" nearly pushed me to my breaking point.

A child named George Dalton (whose kid is this?) went viral after remixing Fetty Wap's summer jam into some sh*t about actual apple pies that will fo sho ruin the rest of your day.

Truth be told, I couldn't watch the whole thing (I turned off my computer and went to the crib after just 20 seconds), but the general response is it's the worst thing on the Internet.

The Internet is ruthless, but it always speaks the truth.

If you listen to the whole thing once, you have no choice but to just end your day immediately.

I mean, really, this kid was talking about making apple pies.

But do the producers even know what the sh*t is really about?

Some people are seriously taking the remix to heart...

...while, of course, there are others who actually f*ck with it.

But realistically...

"Trap Queen" has been around for months now, and 30 years from now it will be an oldie we bump just to piss off our kids.

Most importantly, it put Fetty Wap on the map and made selling dope and dating a dope boy mainstream!

I blame this kid's parents for everything because it starts at home. They're the ones who taught him how to be this corny.