Lorde Is Going To Have The Best Album Of 2017, And Here's Why

by Rayne Ellis

It's no secret 2016 will be a year that goes down in infamy. With untimely deaths, cringeworthy campaigns and the worst "X-Men" film to come out to date, in a lot of ways 2016 was an absolute disaster.

But perhaps there is a bright side to our suffering. The best music comes from pain, and while the world was bleeding, our favorite musicians were listening. Many artists have hinted at new music to be released at some point during this year, and everyone should be very excited.

One project in particular stands out.

Lorde is going to have the best album of 2017, and here are the reasons why.

Not many musicians are capable of the success she found with her debut album Pure Heroine, and even less are able to do at the age of 16.

Pure Heroine brought the new star two Grammy's, two Billboard Music Awards and five American Music Award nominations. She also became the youngest musician in almost 30 years to have a number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Royals."

Also, David Bowie said listening to her was like "listening to the music of tomorrow." So, you know, there's that.

Her album was featured on almost all of the top albums of the year lists, most notably taking the number one spot on The New York Times' list, that said:

[Lorde] commandeers those wide-open spaces with her lustrous voice and angel-choir harmonies carrying serious thoughts. [She] writes about suburban provincialism, peer pressure, insecurity, determination and — in the irresistible 'Royals' — about pop-culture fantasies and class-conscious realities.

Granted, all of this was over three years ago and things were very different then than they are now.

But that is exactly why she will succeed. The night before her 20th birthday, Lorde penned a very long message on Facebook promising the good things to come:

I want you to see the album cover, pore over the lyrics (the best I've written in my life), touch the merch, experience the live show. I can hardly stop myself from typing out the name.

This message, in combination with some pretty impassioned Twitter rants, points toward a very culturally relevant piece of art.


And she's not the only woman gearing up to take over the music scene this year. For one, Beyoncé still exists, and even if she doesn't intend on releasing anything, she's still the head bitch in charge.

Alternative rock trio Haim retreated from the music scene in July 2016 after canceling nine of their European shows to work on their sophomore album.

Like Lorde, their last released LP, Days are Gone, was over three years ago. Critics' opinions on their debut record were greatly varied, ranging between "repetitive" and "eminently likable."

And although the rock group didn't take home anything shiny from the Grammys, it's important to note Complex, Spin and Paste all have Days Are Gone in their top 10 for best albums of 2013.


Their sound is an homage to the '70s and '80s music that the sisters grew up together listening to. With synth beats overlaying up-tempo drum solos, killer harmonies and intense electric guitar, there's no doubt these women will have us "Falling" for them all over again in summer 2017.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Este Haim said,

You don't even know what's coming for you. I'm warning you. You. Don't. Even. Know.

Well Este, all I know is the world could use a couple more songs from some badass females with guitars.

Other artists have hinted at new projects with tweets or Instagram posts.

After finding tremendous success with his album Oxymoron in 2014, then again in 2016 with Blank Face, Schoolboy Q is looking to solidify his place in the stratosphere among the greats.

He has been nominated for two Grammys this year for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Album.

Many other rappers seem anxious to maintain their place in the spotlight, with albums coming out once a year. Artists like Drake, Kanye West, Jay Z and Lupe Fiasco have all hinted at new music in 2017.

Everyone seems most interested in what Jay Z will put out after Beyoncé seemingly trashed his entire existence in her visual album Lemonade with cheating allegations. And although it is clear their relationship is still intact, it's likely he too will use his album as an outlet for his frustrations.


Fans of rock and roll also have a reason to rejoice, because the always elusive Arctic Monkeys are finally working on new music.

After being spotted in their hometown, Sheffield, fans were freaking out because it has been three whole years since their last album, AM -- which by all accounts was an absolute banger.

Then journalist Shamir Masri confirmed this rumor in an interview that he did for BBC Sheffield.

Their last album grabbed the coveted number one spot on NME's 50 Best Albums of 2013 and finished number five on Billboard's Top Rock Albums


The Arctic Monkeys have made a name for themselves over the past 15 years by continuously evolving their sound, without any labels that could box in their creativity.

AM is the sensual daydream of a sexually repressed adult. Oozing smooth beats and paired with Alex Turner's smoky voice, the album was different from anything the band had ever done before.

Basically, the Arctic Monkeys are consistently good, and everyone should expect nothing but the best from them.

So even if the world ends this year, at least we know we'll have an epic soundtrack to listen to.