Kanye Pulled Some Classic Puff Daddy Moves While Dancing In Paris (Video)

Kanye has certainly been on one as of late.

Of course, the 21-time Grammy winner is going to make some noise as he gets ready to drop his new album, So Help Me God, later this year.

But, during an appearance at Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris last night, we saw something completely new.

Kanye Dancing On Say You Will With The Guitar Remix pic.twitter.com/4MqZFT4HIW — April 27, 1961 (@KanyannaRihanye) March 9, 2015

Yes, Kanye is dancing, and no, we've never seen anyone feel himself like this before.

Obviously, trolls of the Internet got a hold of this clip and remixed some pretty entertaining videos.

So, stop reading what I have to say and check it out below.

It's easy to see where Yeezy got his inspiration.

But Kanye could've easily been the fifth member of B2K.

“@tymonilashayy: #KanyeDancehttps://t.co/U4TifVqubT LMAO” — lesleigh (@lesleiiigh) March 9, 2015

Or, he could've killed it down south with Cash Money Records.

“@TeamKanyeDaily: #KanyeDance pic.twitter.com/TWnaMD77z7” LMFAOO — OMA. (@basquiat_o) March 9, 2015

For those who were wondering, he draws inspiration from Usher.

goat imo RT @TeamKanyeDaily: #KanyeDance https://t.co/nwTTHqloNh — ANW Lil Dali (@aktinshady) March 9, 2015

Funny enough, this was the dance DMX did the day he stepped out of prison.

Stop. Drop. #kanyedance https://t.co/91ZOO9PPxh — Lamar Francis (@LamarMF) March 9, 2015

It's clear Kanye is just trying to be the new Diddy.

I'm surprised #KanyeDance hasn't gon full viral by now. https://t.co/s9Cv1FiuLi — Narcissus (@Ignant_MF) March 9, 2015

Or nah?

"@Oooh_Yess: #kanyedance #KANYE #teambaltimore (Vine by @cruddydre_) https://t.co/equOWMPM7S"me at the end of the night — loading... (@ThaSaint5linx) March 9, 2015

Even Eazy-E f*cks with Yeezy.

I can't breathe! "Cruising Down The Street In My 6 4" #kanyedance pic.twitter.com/xChFVCJfKe — Keenan Hagins (@keenanhagins) March 9, 2015

It goes perfectly with some Missy.

#KanyeDance gone be yah new shmoney dance pic.twitter.com/bup0wPL7xI” — relly rellz (@HeIsAim) March 9, 2015

John Cena, anybody?

His time is now. #KanyeDance (Vine by @RandomSanityAct) https://t.co/gENEF8CbW5 — Seth Rollins (@ItsDazzaB) March 9, 2015

Not even Cassie went this hard.

“@stefenlozano: #KanyeDance https://t.co/6KkjXJbVd7” @BrandBran — Mister Nice (@SeanyyyJ) March 9, 2015

Kanye is always the most turnt up at his private club.

#kanyedance https://t.co/CevqaiXcyo — guantanamo bae (@LexyMoreno) March 9, 2015