Jay Z Actually Sent His Cousin To Nigeria To Find New Talent For Tidal


Jay Z cleared the air yesterday when he went on a very rare Twitter rant regarding the state of his music streaming company, Tidal.

There have been reports of Tidal going under just a month into the operation, but Hov spewed several #TidalFacts confirming his business is, in fact, Gucci.

One tweet even mentions his cousin moved to Nigeria to "discover new talent." He wasn't kidding, either.

According to Complex, the cousin he is referring to is Briant “Bee-High” Biggs. In his autobiography, "Decoded," Jay said Bee-High encouraged him to "stop hustling" and start taking his music career seriously.

Bee-High still works for Jay as director of mobile strategies at Roc Nation, and now, he's a talent scout overseas.

He even linked Jay with his first Nigerian rapper, Ice Prince, who visited "The Breakfast Club" recently and credited Bee-High.

According to Jay, indie artists who work with Tidal will keep 100 percent of their music, benefitting the composers and fans alike.

Tidal really is an awesome platform that should change the future of music. The sad part is it still probably won't.

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