J. Cole's HS Friend Says The Rapper Pays For A Fan's College Tuition

By Julian Sonny

J. Cole is a good dude, and like most good dudes, he doesn't really want everybody to know when he's being generous.

However, one high school friend of Cole couldn't help but share a story on Facebook about Jermaine that proves my point.

High school soccer coach that was friends with J. Cole in high school posted this on FB. pic.twitter.com/9VvVHOhrAH — HIP HOP FACTS (@DailyRapFacts) September 1, 2015

J. Cole was super generous to his young fan and, most importantly, he kept his word and never looked for recognition.

In an industry where people let the money change them, it's good to see a humble dude succeed and help others along his way.

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