'Homeless' Rapper Delivers Amazing Freestyle In Chicago Subway Station (Video)

The streets of Chicago have produced a number of major names in rap. The city is responsible for hip-hop mainstays like Common and Kanye West and recent phenomenons like Chief Keef and Chance the Rapper, but it looks like the subways are the new place to go if you want to discover local talent.

A rapper going by the name SoLow RedLine was recently filmed delivering a freestyle in a CTA station and, after I watched him flow for almost three-and-a-half minutes over a laid-back piano sample, it's easy to see why the clip has begun to make the rounds.

While the lyrics themselves aren't exactly complex, the fact that they're delivered in such a setting makes them feel infinitely more genuine than generic rappers complaining about "the struggle."

Although many people who know SoLow are upset he's been wrongly identified as "homeless," the rapper seems pretty relaxed about the mixup, commenting

It's cool family he didn't know

Assuming his lyrics aren't exaggerated, there's a level of authenticity here you won't find a lot of other places. I'm not saying he should immediately get signed to a record deal, but some complimentary studio time probably wouldn't hurt.