This Epic Porta Potty Fools Governor's Ball Festival Goers In The Best Way


We could all use a quality prank in our lives every now and then. It'll keep you human.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Improv Everywhere, we're introduced to perhaps one of the greatest music festival pranks of all time. And I'm not just saying that because Kanye West was headlining this particular event. It really was THAT damn good.

The prank took place earlier this year at Governor's Ball in New York City -- here's how it all went down. Cameras positioned near the Porta Potty restrooms captured the priceless reactions on people's faces as they opened the door to one particular potty. Now, this potty wasn't just your average potty. This was a "magical" potty.

Unsuspecting festival goers in need of a bathroom break got a front row seat to tons and tons of different types of people dressed in costumes literally pouring out of this one particular potty. In a sense, it's like the modern day clown car. The people just never stopped coming out as if the portable bathroom stall was attached to some underground cave filled with clowns, convicts, marching bands and wedding parties.

Governor's Ball? More like Governor's magical poop chamber.

The end result? Viral gold.

Check out the hilarious video above for a closer look!

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