Florence And The Machine Covered 'Where Are Ü Now' And It's Amazing

Florence and the Machine > Justin Bieber by a mile any day of the week.

A lot of us have moral problems with Justin Bieber.

Be it because of his attitude, his modern-day, one-man Backstreet Boys celebrity status or the fact he just assumes people like Anne Frank would automatically be fans of him if they were alive today, Justin rubs about 75 percent of the population the wrong way.

In fact, unless you specify, people will most of the time just assume anyone else they interact with dislikes Justin Bieber as much as they do.

There are no real negative daily repercussions to not Beliebing in the Church of Justin, and really, the only time this ever becomes a small issue is when he puts out a song that is kinda decent.

So if you've been looking for a sultry way to get into the song “Where Are Ü Now” without having Justin Bieber's voice flood your earbuds, I strongly suggest listening to this BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Special recording of Florence and the Machine.

This cover is good. It's REALLY good.

I was lukewarm on that song before I heard this recording and now I doubt I'll be listening to anything else until Friday-ish.