Demi Lovato's Soulful Cover Of Adele's 'Hello' Is Absolutely Incredible (Video)

Getty Images

Oh, HELLO, Demi’s effing gorgeous pipe factory.

Granted it’s a little bit late in the game, but Demi Lovato is making a strong case for having 2015 forever be officially known as the “Year of Demi.”

She’s been killing it over the past few months thanks to her vocal chords, which are literally just tiny internal King Midas-es, turning whatever lyrics they touch into pure, shiny, sultry gold.

First she took down Hozier, and now she’s back showing Adele how one is ACTUALLY supposed to sing “Hello.” The way the Lord intended.

If I were Adele, I'd be FURIOUS about this. Demi is legally guilty of murder in this video because she absolutely SLAYS this song.

It’s like every pop star now has to worry about Demi coming along and blowing his or her original song out of the water with her canon-like vocal range.

Dayum, Demi.