Apple Changes Its Royalties Policy After Taylor Swift Speaks Her Mind


Taylor Swift is the William Wallace of modern music.

The 25-year-old icon notched a huge win for artists after swaying Apple to pay full royalties during the free, three-month trial period on Apple Music.

It all started Sunday when Taylor posted a note to Tumblr citing her anger with Apple after finding out the company wouldn't be paying royalties to artists during the free trial period on Apple's new music-streaming service.

The note, titled “To Apple, Love Taylor,” called the move by Apple,

Swift also said,

The pop singer ended the letter by saying,

Unsurprisingly, the note gained Internet traction and was immediately reposted by any loyal Swiftie with a WiFi connection.

Apple soon found Taylor's note had begun to make the e-rounds and realized the last thing it wanted to happen was for every self-proclaimed “Starbucks lover” to boycott the service.

It quickly changed the policy and announced it would be handing out royalty checks to artists during the three-month trial period.

Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet software and services, specifically cited Taylor Swift when he tweeted Apple would now be paying royalties to artists.

In a way, Swift's celebratory tweet read less like a victory lap and more like a queen addressing her soldiers after a victory.

She just swayed one of the world's biggest companies to shift its policy on how it shares revenue.

You have to ask yourself, is Taylor Swift the most powerful person in music?

It's not just the mammoth success of 1989, it's also Taylor's ability to turn her fans into devoted followers by just being herself. When Taylor speaks, fans don't just listen; they throw down cash.

Taylor is hyper-aware of this fact and has used it to pave her own way through the industry.

In a world where most artists are afraid of upsetting the powers that be, Taylor has made a career out of her willingness to stand up to the suits. Just ask Spotify.

She even found fans in music legends.

The fact that Elvis Costello has a Twitter account and uses it to follow Taylor Swift is mind-blowing.

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