This Remix Of Adele's 'Hello' Might Actually Be Better Than The Original

A lot of stuff went on in the music scene last week.

Drake's horrible "Hotline Bling" dancing became the Internet's favorite new meme, and Adele basically changed the world of woeful music with her new song, "Hello."

Yep, Adele's song was an instant hit that dominated the charts and made the whole world ball its eyes out, of course.

If you thought the song was pretty damn amazing all on its own, you might want to brace yourself.

A dynamic DJ duo, the EC Twins, took a break from crying to release a badass remix of "Hello" that might be even better than the original. I have to say, with this track, the EC Twins really outdid themselves.

The new "Hello" remix pairs a bunch of upbeat melodies with Adele's heart-rending vocals and seems to remind the world dancing is always a better way to get over an ex than sobbing into a pillow.

Check out the new "Hello" remix by the EC Twins below.

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