7 Music Videos To Get You Psyched For Austin Psych Fest, AKA Levitation

Levitation, formerly known as the Austin Psych Fest, features three full days of the best psychedelic music from around the globe -- all on a beautiful ranch in Austin, Texas.

It's basically the best music festival no one's ever heard of, largely because the music isn't as mainstream as your latest T Swift single.

But in its relatively little-known status lies great beauty -- and not just because you can be 100 percent sure Taylor Swift won't be there.

Levitation may be one of the last music festivals in which you can actually get up close and personal with the bands.  That, at least in theory anyway, is why we're all there after all.

So listen to some of these atmospheric tunes while chilling out to some truly psychedelic images, and prepare yourself for greatness come April 29, as this is just a sampling.


CaribouVideos on YouTube

"Odessa" is one of their most popular songs, so it makes sense why they went all out with this video. There's a sexy woman with blood on her face walking through who the f*ck knows where.

I may have no idea what's going on, but that doesn't stop me from being completely on board.

Allah Lahs

Innovative Leisure on YouTube

The '60s are alive and well in this video. Did I mention that decade was a great time for experimenting with hallucinogenics? Yeah.

Feel free to take a dip without worrying your poor little brain cells might get burned.

Melody's Echo Chamber

Pitchfork on YouTube

The solo project of French musician Melody Prochet, the music has psychedelic, space rock vibes that can either lull you asleep or keep you awake, unnerved by her haunting vocals for hours.

In this music video, Melody got stoned and went to an amusement park so you don't have to. Isn't that nice? It also happens to be dreamier than anything you could imagine.

The Arcs

The Arcs on YouTube

This video for "Outta My Mind" is aesthetically the most psychedelic of the bunch, while being the catchiest in sound. There's also an iPhone video of a drunken brawl slapped in the middle to feed your Millennial hearts.

Courtney Barnett

milkrecordsmelbourne on YouTube

Normally, I really can't do clowns, but there's something about this music video that works. It probably has to do with the fact Courtney Barnett is a total badass. Also, this song is one of her best hits.

Ty Segall

malissa299 on YouTube

I hope you're ready to be CREEPED out. It's kind of like if "Sugar & Spice" took a turn into legitimate horror movie halfway through.

Ironically, the song is as mellow and uplifting as a warm summer breeze.

Flying Lotus

FlyingLotusVEVO on YouTube

Spoiler: Elijah Wood turns into a robot in this one.