Yahoo! Asks Employees To Thank Millionaire CEO For Doing Her Job

Over the past year, Marissa Mayer has done the following:

She's led Yahoo! to vastly increase its value on the stock market, with the internet giant seeing a rise of ten dollars per share from last July. She's orchestrated a random string of business acquisitions, the list of which suffered a drop off after Tumblr (including gaming company PlayerScale, as well as three companies that were bought in a two day span: address book app Xobni, video production company Quiki and Bignoggin Productions).

Mayer has also eradicated Yahoo!'s work-from-home policy, making it mandatory for all employees to get their jobs done only from the office.

Overall, however, it's hard to claim that the CEO, who was appointed last summer, has done anything spectacular. It's even harder to feel that her nearly $6 million salary, according to Gawker, is an appropriate show of gratitude rather than an unwarranted earning.

Subject: Send a Thank You to Marissa’s 1 year at Yahoo! SSSHHHH — secret message below: Marissa’s 1st year anniversary at Yahoo! is on July 17th, 2013 and we plan to SURPRISE her with a presentation during the FYI on July 12th. This is your opportunity to send her a personal “Thank You” message, for everything she’s done for Yahoo! over the past year. Click on this link yo/thxmarissa and send your personalized free form message to Marissa! All of the messages will be shared with her both online and in a book presentation. This is open to everyone — including contractors. Keep in mind that this is a surprise for Marissa. Please do not post anything on DevRandom or any other communications! Don’t forget to sign your name and your site location. The moderator tool will close on June 14th. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Thanks, Margaret Mish, Joanne Locascio and Yahoo! Events Team

This was an email sent out to Yahoo!'s employees by the company's events team and was obtained by Kara Swisher of AllThingsD. For her part, Mayer, who was presented with the orchestrated thank you messages last Friday, turned the gesture from her employees into a gift exchange, as 11,000 workers went home with Up fitness bands.

Via Valley Wag, Photo via Wiki Commons, Flickr