Why You Shouldn't Give Up On Your Dreams

by Ashley Fern

Becoming a writer in 2013 is an uncommon dream for the vast majority of people. They were raised with the concept that they needed to finish college and pursue the “typical” career path. There are many different kinds of writers out there: authors, blog editors, magazine editors, etc.

As Kristin Hannah, the best selling author of "Firefly Lane" told us in her most recent interview, she initially believed “becoming a writer was too special, it was something you had to know you had talent for, you must have wanted to do this from the beginning.” This is not the case for most writers, it is especially not true for me, personally.

“People who strive for what they want, achieve more than people who strive for what they can get. Aim higher, make mistakes and have fun.”

She encourages us “to find something that you love to do, that you would do for free, that you are willing to commit long hours to because you love it. If you follow your passion, you are not only happier but that’s the best chance of successful." This can be applied to not just writing, but also any career that you have a true passion for.

Hannah continues to encourage us to follow our desires by explaining that, “The only way to fail is to give up or not to try.” Too many people are afraid of taking risks, but this is where you can garner the largest rewards. Stepping out of your comfort zone is invigorating and exhilarating. You realize you are capable of things you never thought possible.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

As she continues with more inspiring advice, “Keep believing in yourself, you may have to do other things along the way, you may have to get other jobs to pay the bills.” She understands the reality of pursuing your dreams and how difficult that path can be. The one the thing that remains prevalent throughout her interview is how important it is to follow your dreams.

Too many people give up their dreams because they do not think they will make enough money to support a lifestyle they have always dreamed about. But let's be real for a minute -- would you rather make a ton of money doing something you hate or make less money doing something you love? I know I would choose the latter.

“Reach high, for stars hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.”

Learning to be independent and break away from the traditional mold is an amazing chance for personal growth. Doing things for yourself that are in your best interest will help you become the best version of yourself possible. You will never be younger than you are today; this is the time to experiment in the career you’ve always wanted. Before you have children and a family, you can fully immerse yourself in a place where you can fully worry about what you want and what you want only.

Some people do not understand diverging from the typical path and it’s sad when people try to crush others' dreams and aspirations just because they differ from their own. The most important thing is to stay focused and find people who do support you and your dreams. There will always be people looking to put you down when you gather the courage to go after what you want, but it is your own inner motivation to fulfill your dreams that will keep you going.

"At first, dreams seem impossible, then improbable, and eventually inevitable."