Win The Trip That Justin Bieber Says Is 'Like No Other' With General Assembly And Pencils Of Promise

General Assembly, the innovative institution that seeks to empower and equip individuals to pursue the work they love, teamed up with Pencils of Promise, the education-oriented charitable organization, to help build a better educational experience for less fortunate children abroad and want to take you along for the trip.

As part of their "Field Trip" initiative, from now until November 22, the two partners are offering the chance to one lucky person and a guest to win a free round trip to Guatemala to see Pencils of Promise in action as they help build schools and provide an improved educational environment for children in need.

The winners will also be able to meet local students, participate in the initiative themselves and take part in an experience that pop star Justin Bieber says blew him away.

"I just had one of the most amazing powerful experiences of my life in Guatemala. I went with Pencils of Promise to work with the people to build a school for their community." Bieber wrote in his caption for a recent video blog. "...To see the people...who had nothing but were so happy. It was amazing. I feel like they helped me as much as I helped them."

The pop star also intimated that he left humbled with "a feeling like no other" after walking hand-in-hand with the children he was helping. Now, Pencils of Promise wants you to feel the same and, as an added bonus, General Assembly will be donating $2.5o for every entrant into the Field Trip initiative to help build more schools in more places, like in Central America, which, despite its beauty, faces its fair share of issue.

"Guatemala is a beautiful country full of remarkable landscapes and home to cultural marvels of a legendary Mayan civilization," the contest's official site says. "However, socioeconomic obstacles of extreme poverty, illiteracy and disease are debilitating to Guatemala's economy and its citizens."

The project is the first of such scale that two organizations have launched together, but it's a collaborative effort that seems as natural as it is impactful.

After all, both share a clear passion for helping others and have each achieved exemplary work in their own separate organizations.

Since being established in 2011, General Assembly offers full-fledged programs and courses taught by seasoned professionals with a simple yet profound goal in mind: turning great thinkers into great creators. Their work has sparked great stories from individuals who attribute reaching the next level in their professional careers to their involvement with GA.

Since being created in 2008, Pencils of Promise has sought to change the world through education and has helped build over 150 schools while traveling through over 50 countries. This holiday season, PoP pledges to build 25 schools in Guatemala and wants you to be apart of the experience.

Enter here to win to claim your chance for an experience of a lifetime and help change the world.