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It goes without saying how effective and popular of a platform Twitter is among businesses marketing their brands and products. From startups to transnational corporations, Twitter (no, not Facebook) has proven itself to be the ultimate vehicle for viral campaigns and one-sentence ads.

But by far, the best part of Twitter is that companies can track how their audience is reacting to and digesting their ads, and these companies can even respond back to individual users: like a pseudo-customer service rep. Here are the Top 10 brands on Twitter that are trailblazers in the digital marketing world:

10. American Express

Followers: 533,000

Tweeting since: May 26, 2009

What AmEx has learned from Twitter:

9. Playstation

Followers: 1,329,000

Tweeting since: November 27, 2007

Interesting note:

8. Southwest Airlines

Followers: 1,355,000

Tweeting since: July 2, 2007

Interesting note:

7.  Woot

Followers: 1,634,000

Tweeting since: January 30, 2007

Who runs Woot's Twitter Account:

On the account being staffed 24 hours/7 days a week:

6. Best Buy

Followers: 266,000

Tweeting since: November 19, 2008

Interesting note:

5. Adidas

Followers: 285,000

Tweeting since: February 8, 2009

Interesting fact:

4. JetBlue

Followers: 1,676,000

Tweeting since: May 30, 2007

Given the account is following over 100k people, how do you decide who to follow?

3. Samsung

Followers: 2,016,000

Tweeting since: May 12, 2011

What happens when Twitter goes down:

Most stressful time of the year?:

2. Starbucks

Followers: 2,625,000

Tweeting since: November 29, 2006

Interesting note:

1. Whole Foods

Followers: 2,732,000

Tweeting since: June 16, 2008

What's your favorite part of the job?

Most frustrating part of communicating via Twitter?

What are you learning from Twitter?