Switching to Premium: 6 Ways to Improve Yourself Professionally

by Jack Rivera

The road to professional success doesn’t stop with becoming manager or even CEO. Climbing up the career ladder may mean different things for different people, but there is no top rung. Whenever you get a promotion, you should work to improve yourself to deliver what your new role requires and more.

You can do a lot to improve yourself; check out the following six ways to give yourself a professional upgrade even after you’re already sitting behind the bigger desk and have a better title:

1. Master speaking in public.

Many of us dread addressing a group of people, but if you’re a manager, you’ll be expected to do a lot of communicating, whether one-on-one or to a sizable crowd. So, it’s imperative that you train yourself as much as you can. Public speakers are known for their unique style — from their gestures, to their choice of words, to their overall appearance. Try studying videos of prominent public speakers and consider enrolling in a class.

2.  Pursue post-graduate studies.

While plenty of successful people haven’t even finished college, school is an effective way to learn new skills and make connections, which is crucial to your success. Additionally, seeking different forms of education is healthy for your mind and perpetuates virtues required in the workplace. Besides, going to school and making friends is fun.

3. Learn a new skill.

If pursuing a post-graduate degree isn’t your cup of tea, you can improve yourself by learning a new skill. Try a new language, take up leadership development training or start writing a book. Find an area of your profession that requires you to develop a new skill, then master it.

4. Establish connections with top executives.

Make the most of your networking events; they are good opportunities to expand your network and learn from the experts, so introduce yourself and engage in conversation. Stay updated about news and issues relevant to your industry and have opinions. Remember that first impressions can last, so be courteous when sharing your perspective.

5. Find a mentor.

It can be overwhelming to tackle your work, so seek professional advice from someone who has a wealth of industry and company-specific knowledge. Find a mentor — someone who knows the business and is willing to guide you through the complex path of your career. You don’t have to limit yourself to a mentor from within the office; you can seek guidance from a professor or even your parents.

6. Upgrade your wardrobe.

 Dress the part, because let’s face it, people may be mature enough not to judge you by how you look, but they will likely still appraise your appearance. Invest in a smart wardrobe to look more professional and boost your confidence.

It’s crucial that you set high standards for yourself. Stay hungry to learn and grab every chance to better yourself. When you’re able to maximize the skills you have to develop yourself more, you will be much more indispensable to your company.

Photo credit: Ken Regan/ Showtime