The 10 Changes Companies Need To Make The Workplace Ideal For Gen-Y Employees

by Eddie Cuffin

We've all had those jobs that, simply put, straight up suck. Your boss was a self-indulgent loser that only cared about himself and his opinions and everyone under him just felt like a peasant. Yup, we've all gone through it and it's not a great experience. You feel as if you are mindlessly going to work daily for someone who couldn't care less about what happens to you. However, this may not always be the case, there are plenty of great people who make working for them an enjoyable experience.

It is 2013 and we have noticed a big clash between the old way in which businesses are run and an attempt to provide for a new and rejuvenated work force. This battle has to deal with the emergence of Generation-Y in a workplace that seems unsuitable to them because of its antiquated methods. Come in at 9, sit in your chair, go to lunch, wait until 5, then leave; this is not the way things should be.

As an employer, you want to build a stable and creative environment for your workers to thrive in order to properly grow and build your business. It is no secret that in due time Generation-Y will be the new workforce and things are going to have to change. This antiquated method of running a business is going to have to be improved and brought into the new age. Here are some tips to creating a work environment for Generation-Y to thrive in:

Drug tests are just a waste of time and money.

Why hire or fire someone based on their ability to pass a drug test? We all have our vices, but we shouldn't be hiring people based on their ability to stay clean. Many successful people use supplements to stimulate their minds in order to help deal with the everyday grind called life. No one is perfect and we all have our vices; however, if a person is willing to get his work done on time -- there is no reason for us to judge them.

Encourage company trips because you will be surprised how much a little change of scenery can help.

Day in and day out, from 9 to 5, people mindlessly go to their desks ready to do the same work they have been doing for the past few years. This can take a toll on one's body and it can make life seem bland. Work, home, work, home. In order to keep your employees happy and refreshed, go on company trips. This change of setting will be sure to get the creative juices flowing and you will be surprised how productive your employees will actually be.

Sex in the office: don't encourage it, but don't forbid it.

Unless someone is sleeping with another co-worker's wife or girlfriend, a little office fling never hurt anyone. We are all grown ups here and we all have our own needs; there will be some sexual tension in the office. You shouldn't discourage it, just make it known that you are not here to referee between people who sleep with each other. If they cannot handle it on their own, then make it clear that one or both of them will be asked to leave.

Nothing says office bonding quite like happy hour.

It may have been a stressful day, but finally it's over and it's time you put it behind you. Gather up the troops and make your way to your local bar. Nothing will help you guys bond and relieve stress more than a few good stories over some beers and shots. Be careful as this may lead to a legendary night, but know that you have to be back at your desk by 9 a.m.

The dress code isn't as important as the work you put out.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Many employers these days stress the importance of a dress code. It is understandable if you are working with clients whom you must impress. However constantly putting on a suit and tie for the sake of looking good and keeping a certain aesthetic is annoying and uncomfortable. Most of the time, you will spend your work hours in an office where no one will be able to see you. Comfortable people are really able to put out the most work. It's all about the quality of the work more than the aesthetic of the workplace.

Never hire people solely on their resume.

Building a company culture is just as important as anything these days. You want to build a strong team of like-minded individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Not everyone is going to get along, but it is important that you find people who are able to put their differences aside for the better of the company and their success. Resumes are great, but they shouldn't be the deciding factor when it comes to hiring people.

Cubicles are for boring companies.

No one wants to feel like they're going to work camp. You want to create an environment that encourages thinking and a flow of ideas. This cannot happen if you are working in an environment where everyone is closed off from one another and kept in a cell.

Nothing is more degrading than feeling like you are just a number.

Everyone wants to feel like they are part of something greater than themselves. It's just the laws of human nature, we all want to belong. It is important that you collect feedback from the people you work with because it is an honest attempt at making their lives easier. People will hold things back if they feel like they have no form of self-expression.

Make their suggestions feel welcomed and allow yourself to be approachable. There is nothing worse than having great ideas be held back because people are intimidated to speak up.

Trust in your workers, creative control is a two-way street.

There is nothing worse than a workplace where people cannot trust one another, we are all talented individuals and it is important we understand this. Working with others may be difficult because at times you don't know what to expect, but you guys are a team for a reason. Allow everyone to do their jobs without feeling like they are being hawked, don't just crush their idea because it is not exactly what you were thinking about. Trust the people around you to get their jobs done well because it is the only way you're going to alleviate the stress of having to micromanage everything.

Pranks and jokes are fun; you have to break them down to build them up.

There is a fine line between bullying and breaking someone down in order to build them up. Now this doesn't mean you pick on one particular person all day, but it does mean you find their weak points and take a few jabs.

There's nothing like seeing people react when they are in the hot seat. This is a true test to weed out the posers and it will actually help develop a better team. It's 2013 and if people can't take a joke, then they shouldn't be working with you. No one wants to work with someone who is always down and miserable.

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