The 10 Skills That Will Guarantee You A Job In The Toughest Of Times

by Eddie Cuffin

With the increasingly globalized market, competition throughout the world is fierce; there is a plethora of jobs in America taken by foreigners and vice versa. In such a volatile job market, it is important that you concentrate on differentiating yourself from the pack.

The easiest way to do so is by honing a particular skill that will allow you to set yourself apart. By learning a certain skill, you are telling your potential employees that you are able to think a certain way that proves you are suitable for the job. Give your interviewer a good reason to feel that you can be around for the long run and you will see how easy getting a job may be.

Although the concept of longevity at one particular job is diminishing, it is important that you make the most of the opportunities you get. Show your employers that you are valuable to them and even when the time may come for you to be fired, make it a tough decision for them with your work ethic. Here are the 10 skills Gen-Y needs to develop to get hired.

The ability to use logic and reason to find alternative solutions to obstacles.

In any work environment, you will be given tasks to complete by upper management. They couldn't care less how you get it done so long as it is on their desk fully completed by the deadline they gave you. There will be obstacles and issues that arise and there is nothing more annoying to a manager than constantly being bothered about small issues that can be circumvented with a little creativity.

Critical thinking is an important skill, as it shows you can think outside of the box and use your reasoning to get around problems that may come about in your everyday work.

Choosing the appropriate action after considering the costs and benefits of the potential action.

Many times you will be chosen to work on projects that have multiple methods of completion. Your ability to consider the positive and negative effects of a certain action will prove to be vital to your longevity in a company. This is a skill that takes time and experience to develop.

If you are able to teach yourself to weigh out potential options before choosing the best possible one, then you will most likely have a job for a very long time. Judgment and decision-making in employees are important skills that managers look for, as they do not have to hold your hand throughout the whole process of completing the task. Remember: fewer questions, more solutions.

Be an active listener.

Although you just graduated and you want to show the world that you know it all, no one likes to work with someone who can't take criticism. We are young and our minds are going to need to soak up a lot of information once we get into the real world. Your managers have one thing you don't and that's experience.

They have been through it, so listen to them, give your managers your full attention and try to understand the ideas behind the points they are making. Most importantly, don't forget to ask questions if something is unclear to you.

Be able to identify and solve complex problems.

The first step to solving any problem is found in one's ability to identify and understand the problem at hand. How can you solve something that you don't know what it's asking of you?

Complex problems are made up of smaller more intricate problems. If you are able to peel back the layers of complex issues and solve them as they come along then you will be golden. Managers love a person's ability to break down complex issues and chip away at them.

Learn to use as much electronic equipment as possible.

We currently live in a world where the development of technology is moving at a steady pace. It is almost hard to keep up with all the developments that are happening in our time.

We are not saying that you must know everything about every piece of equipment, but you should know the basics of important hardware and software that your job will require you to use. You are never too old to learn, so start out by understanding the basics and work from there.

Have a basic understanding of math.

You do not need to be a mathematician, but a basic understanding of algebra and statistics will go a long way. Although we now have computers and calculators to figure out everything for us, it is important to understand the logic behind the mathematics it takes to get you through your everyday tasks.

It's not about being able to complete the problem by hand in record time, but it is all about your way of thinking. Simple Math provides you with a certain way of thinking that managers drool over. So if you keep telling yourself you're not good with numbers, remember it's not about the numbers, but the way you think.

Display an understanding of system analysis.

Five out of 10 jobs will require this skill. Managers will love your ability to understand the inner workings of a particular system and how the environment around it will affect it. This shows that you comprehend how a system works and what conditions are ideal for it to produce its maximum output. An ability to grasp operations allows for one to fill in holes in the overall system in order to create the most efficient system possible.

Demonstrate the ability to manage those around you.

There will be times when your boss or manager may have to take an important call or go to a meeting. This means that they will be gone for most of the day and it's up to you to keep the operation running. Your ability to manage and keep the operation running smoothly while they are gone is an important skill that will guarantee your longevity within the company.

Show your bosses that you are able to rally other employees and keep them on task while your boss is away. Meetings can be stressful and you want your boss to be comfortable knowing that you have the ability to manage those around you and keep them on task.

Know how to code.

In the past ten years alone, technology has advanced in so many ways. It feels as if you can't even keep up with the speed in which things are moving. As we are becoming more reliant on technology, it is important for each individual to begin learning the basics of coding.

Coding is a skill that requires a certain way of thinking and it is the building block of computer programming. If you learn how to code, you will be a valuable asset for any company. There are plenty of free classes you can find online so there are no excuses as to why you can't learn how to code.

Become familiar with marketing and sales.

We still live in a service-based society, so your ability to market and to sell any product is crucial to any employer. Marketing and sales are skills that will ensure your longevity with almost any company. If you are good at what you do then the sky is the limit. Every company needs someone who can get their product or service to their target market.

If you have the skill of marketing and sales, you will be golden in any industry, all you need is a little understanding of the field of business you are working in.

Bonus: Be able to perform at high levels while being hungover.

A social life is very important to Generation-Y. No matter how much you value going out, it is highly unlikely that your boss cares whose birthday it was or why you went with your friends to get wasted instead of having your work done. If you can work while being hungover, you will be in great shape. We all have our vices, and if you can indulge them and still get your work done, then you have found the key to success.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr/ABC News/ Amanda Jonovski