If Starting Your First Job Makes You Nervous, Here's Why You Shouldn't Worry

by Briana Luca
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Congratulations: You got your first job.

You graduated from college, completed several internships, searched for your first job, aced the interview and got the offer. You made it.

You've learned a lot already but you are about to embark on a journey that will teach you more than any classroom ever could.

Whether your first job is an amazing experience or straight out of the "Devil Wears Prada," you'll walk away with a lot of knowledge about yourself and the world you live in.

Don't be nervous. You're about to learn a lot...

1. How to work with people.

You may think you know how to work with people because you worked on group projects.

Corporate America is different. This is real life, with real money and business.

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You will see how people think, operate, and you'll learn what is important to them.

How you work with different types of people will also reveal a lot about yourself. It will teach you about patience and what teamwork really means.

2. How to manage your time.

Whether you are the most organized person in the world or a hot mess, you will learn how to manage yourself in the workforce.

You'll have no choice.

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There are more things at stake than an A in your Philosophy 101 class. When your boss tells you she needs something by Monday morning, she means it and it's your job to get it done.

Do not get scared. You know more than you think and you'll learn quickly, no matter the job.

3. What you like and don't like.

Your first job is often your first taste of the real world.

It may be the first time you're responsible for something real.


Your first taste of an actual job will teach you what you like: whether it's how you are being managed, the kind of company you work for, or what you're doing.

You may walk into your first job and love everything about it. It may be mostly good and you only want to change a few things.

Or it could be terrible and make you want to switch industries.

Either way, you will walk out of there knowing exactly what you want… or better yet, what you don't want.

4. That you're more capable than you think.

Your first job is scary. I won't lie to you. It's weird to think of yourself as a real adult, especially if you're still living at home.

It'll feel weird to work in an office, every day, and realizing that you have true responsibility — that you play a part in getting business done.

Eventually, you will wake up one day and realize this is real life and in that time, you will have learned so much about yourself.

You are capable of more than you think, and your confidence will grow, especially if the job is a good one. Your first job, good or bad, will teach you more about yourself than you even realize.

In time, you'll see that any job is a lesson: You just have to pay attention.