Seeking Arrangement CEO Brandon Wade: We're All About Mutually Beneficial Relationships, Not Just Sugar Daddies

Before becoming the CEO of Seeking Arrangement, Brandon Wade says he was like most of the people his site looks to target. Wade was an MIT graduate, destined for great success, but his was also staring failure in its face when it came to his love life. It's at that point at which he made the decision to act upon his mother's advice.

She said what many mothers have told their children at one point or another. When you're grown and successful, you'll be able to use your wealth to attract companions. Wade's method of fulfilling that prophecy, however, has been nothing short of unorthodox. was created by Wade to match wealthy and successful men, or "sugar daddies," with women who are young, beautiful and ambitious, or "sugar babies." While successful, however, the site has drawn a controversial image for some. In an exclusive interview Elite Daily, Wade clears the air on what his site is all about, why passion is a prerequisite for entrepreneurial success, and why he looks up to Hugh Heffner in this, another installment of Startup From The Bottom.