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NYC nightlife has changed. It has culminated to a peak of supposed "Exclusivity" and "Eliteness". In reality, however, this is just a bubble - an industry trend - that shifts with the demands of the market. After all, nightlife is nothing more than a business.

And with any industry, there are market leaders, market followers, and game changers. Park South Hospitality is the latter - a disruptive competitor - challenging the current status of nightlife in New York, head on.

PSH is innovating what has become the norm of bars and clubs, and perhaps, is even paving the way for ones to come in the future. Forgoing the clipboards at the red-velvet roped door, the insanely-expensive table minimums, and the like, Park South Hospitality has established itself as a company that makes NYC nightlife fun again.

From the Wall Street Execs taking out their clients, to the working class at happy hour, and - of course - the diverse crowd that comprises what you see in Meatpacking, PSH is the only company that can create a venue that pleases everyone.

And Park South Hospitality has attained much success at doing this. In New York, PSH brings you The Volstead, The Caulfield, and PS 450; and for those in Jersey, PSH offers Red and The Downtown in Red Bank. At the core of this game changer are the two founders of the operation: Matt Wagman and Dan Lynch.

Elite Daily had the chance to sit down with Matt Wagman, who focuses on all Front of House operations in every venue of PSH. Within this interview,Wagman provides lessons for success, pointers for entrepreneurship, and his take on the current state of nightlife in NYC.

Who are the faces behind Park South Hospitality and can you tell us a little about yourselves?

What is the founding story of Park South Hospitality?

Given all your unique backgrounds, what made you choose this industry to launch your venture?

What made you guys leave the comfort of the corporate world for a risky venture such as this?

What’s your take on nightlife in NYC currently? And where do you think its headed?

Has PSH come up with the cure to this problem?

Again, given your unique backgrounds, Park South Hospitality’s management is very multi-talented. How does this add value to the company?

With any startup, there are naturally some tough obstacles and boundaries that need to be overcome. What was the most difficult challenge Park South Hospitality faced?

What was that point like when you knew Park South Hospitality was going to be successful?

Can you give some advice to our ambitious readers about those imperative first steps that need to be taken initially to launch a successful venture of any kind?

In general, what do you think are the top 3 tips for success for an entrepreneur?

Park South Hospitality has already grown extraordinarily. Where do you see Park South Hospitality 5, 10, 15 years from now?

What distinguishes Park South Hospitality from its competition?

What industry would you like to see Park South Hospitality break into?

Are there any other cities you’d like to see your brand in?

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